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How do I convert files from Google Drive?

First you need to install the DriveConverter app from the Google Chrome Store. Then go to your Google Drive and right click the file you want to convert. Select open with DriveConverter, then follow the instructions in the app.

Why does DriveConverter need my email address?

We need your email address to link you DriveConverter files to your Google Drive account. We will only ever use your email address to notify you of major changes to DriveConverter. We hate spam too, so we won't send you any emails unless it is absolutely necessary

Why does DriveConverter need access to my files?

We need access to the files in you Google Drive so that we can convert them quickly and efficiently. We only ever access files that you designate to be converted. All records of these files are deleted from our servers immediately after the conversion.

Why didn't my file convert?

The file format may not be supported by DriveConverter. Check that it fits into one of the formats specified on our home page. Our converters are not perfect. If you think a file should have been converted let us know.

Does you plan to support batch conversion?

Yes, we would love to support batch conversion. We a currently optimising several batch conversion scripts to meet the performance criteria for DriveConverter.

How do I uninstall DriveConverter?

There are two steps to uninstall DriveConverter. Firstly, remove the app from Google Chrome. This involves right clicking the DriveConverter icon in the Google Chrome and selecting "Remove from Chrome" The second step involves removing DriveConverter from Google Drive. To do this click the cog icon, then click "manage apps". Select DriveConverter options and click "Disconnect from drive"

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